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Background Checks

Background Checks are conducted as part of the application, interview, and hiring process by most employers in Oregon whether conducted officially via a background check service or government entity such as DHS or unofficially through Google.

Many clients I work with have completed or are working towards graduating from court-facilitated programs that promise criminal charge expungement or altering of charges from felonies to misdemeanors upon graduating from or completing the program.  Many clients I work with also have ten or more felonies and/or felonies in multiple states.  Most clients I work with are not exactly sure what shows up on their background check when applying for a job and what they should or should not disclose to a potential employer.

This Background Check information and links is provided and updated to help people with criminal history figure out how to best prepare for sharing their background, looking up their own criminal history, and when to disclose their criminal history to potential employers.

Links to Background Check Documents – including forms available to order your own criminal history check through state and federal government agencies.

Oregon State Police Criminal History Check Request page

FBI National Criminal History Check – Private Citizen Request Form


College Eligible with My Criminal History?

Many clients I have met and worked with over the years are motivated to change, build a solid resume, and go to college.  Below are links to literature and rules for applying for and receiving financial aid for college when a person has a criminal record.

  • People with felonies on their record are not eligible for Pell Grants in most situations
  • People with felonies on their record are eligible to receive scholarships and student loans


FAFSA Student’s with Criminal Convictions Policy when applying for Student Loans