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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is my first Job Search Blog post for  My goal is to use this blog along with my podcast “Getting a Job on the Outs” to provide a platform where people can write in with questions and topics related to searching for work when a person has a criminal history.

Here is a link to the podcast

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Each episode of “Getting a Job on the Outs” details a section from the booklet “Getting a Job on the Outs”.  Job Search Prep Checklist, Gathering Work History Information, Identifying Personal and Professional References, and next up is Resume basics.


Please tune in to the podcast and send in questions and comments.  Also, follow “Getting a Job on the Outs” via Twitter at @NathanB77024860.  The more people that follow our feed and podcast the more we share this new and exciting job search resource.


Thank You,


Nathan Beard

Below is a link to the website template for the process of ordering and obtaining official documents after incarceration or when soon-to-be released from incarceration.

The Process and Details of Obtaining Official Documents


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