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Remote Job Development


• Staff and participant meetings conducted virtually by telephone, Zoom, or Skype


• Participant Portfolios created from information provided by telephone/text, email, and virtual meetings is free website available remotely for clients to download job search materials when working with NBJD/Cutting Edge including Resume Template and Master Application


• Focused job search conducted by contacting employers by telephone, text, email, LinkedIn, and USPS mail (mailing portfolios by Priority Mail letters gets a great response!)


• Official required reports for DHS and other entities signed by Job Developer and Participants/Clients using DocuSign with assistance from Job Developer as needed


• Efficient creation of Participant Portfolio in 24-hours or less with email review and approval of new portfolio from participants and support team


• Multiple daily employer contacts to maintain accurate hiring status for companies during quickly shifting job market


• Job Developer is Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP), OHP Application Assister, DHS Background Check approved, and has Commercial General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Professional Liability Insurance policies available upon request