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Oregon Health Plan

Perhaps the most important public resource available to people upon release from incarceration is OHP because it may help pay for medical appointments, treatment and recovery, and even transportation to medical and mental health appointments.

Applying for OHP Health Insurance through a Community Partner where you live is a great idea for several reasons listed below:

  • Great way to connect with a local Healthcare Provider
  • Easy to sign up in person and to avoid long call waiting sessions on OHP’s telephone line
  • After signing up through an OHP Community Partner you can submit changes to your
    “Household” directly to the Community Partner in person. Changes to your “Household” may include: work pay stubs, address changes, and additions or subtractions of members to your household.
  • Application Assisters with OHP Community Partners have the ability to request URGENT service from OHP staff which may come in handy when dealing with people dealing with mental health, addictions recovery, and securing treatment or transition beds in your community.


OHP Community Partners for all Oregon Counties updated February 2018: 


Information Needed for successful completion of an OHP Application

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth for all people in your household
  • Valid mailing address (may be your probation office or other transition living facility that receives mail)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address (not required but helpful)
  • Social Security Number for all members of your household
  • Proof of Income- Pay Stubs from your job for two most recent pay periods
  • Details of any type of Social Security Income you may receive including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Social Security Disability Income.

*** If you receive any type of Social Security you need to visit your local Disability Services Office to sign up for OHP. 


OHP Paper Application Link

*It may be helpful to print the OHP application and to fill it out slowly and carefully at home before visiting the office of a local OHP Community Partner. If interested, please click on the link below.